The perfect feeling of nature in your home
Walls of natural wooden materials
Wood walls provide a direct experience of nature as well as walls of moss. We implement biophilic interior design using only natural materials and elements in the built-in environment.

We offer several types of wooden interior walls.

Birch bark
Birch bark is fixed on multiple underlying layers. The base of the bark is gently removed and the top is attached to panels measuring 480 x 480 mm and a thickness of 10 -20 mm. By fixing such panels, they can create very pleasant and luxuriously acting wall tiles.
Cork walls
The young bark of cork is fixed to a substrate which is equally made of cork. The natural crust of cork has a hard contrasting surface on which the wind and weather have left their mark. Natural colours between darker and pale brown. We use the bark of cork to cover walls or other areas in the interiors. It creates a pleasant climate in interiors and has equally good insulating properties. Standard dimensions 900 x 600 mm , thickness 25 – 30 mm.
Wall of the bark of the field
Poplar is able to grow up to a height of 30-45 m and has a hard protective crust up to a thickness of four cm (premium products). Smaller trees have a lower bark structure up to a 2cm (standard products) thickness. After processing, the bark is used whole without adding supporting elements and thus it is usable for both interior and exterior. Each panel is unique and the walls created with such panels are a truly luxurious addition and wall wall cladding for private or public spaces. A single piece can be up to 4.2 m tall.
Screech bark walls
The screed bark is fixed to plywood after harvest. Due to its highly durable properties, the scallop crust is principled by the wind and weather, so it is often also used as a roof ingchis. Bark from European is very popular in special interior designs. The top 10 mm thickness has an earthy brown colour and contains deep grooves. Gently removed from the tree and fastened to plywood impresses with its unique appearance. In this form, the room will directly natural and clean design. Standard format 1200 x 2500 mm.